scissor sharpening

We use Wolff Hira-To and Twice as Sharp scissor sharpening systems which enables us to sharpen an extensive range and brands of scissors.

Japanese style convex edge hairdressing beauty shears are sharpened on the the Hira-To advanced flat hone scissor sharpening system. This sharpening system and procedure restores the superior edge on your convexed edge beauty shears.

Bevel edged scissors are sharpened on the Twice as Sharp sharpening system using a selection of grinding and diamond wheels are used for a superior cutting edge on the scissor. This sharpening process ensures scissors sharpened will cut twice as sharp as it did when it was band new.

All scissor sharpening are tested and have a full 100% guarantee.

clipper blade sharpening

Clipper blade sharpening is done on factory-approved equipment, which restores the hollow grind, eliminating the hair dragging and jamming.  The blades will remain sharp longer & cut smoother. 

The clipper blades are disassembled, cleaned and all parts are checked for wear and replaced as required. The blades are sharpened on the Treyco 2000 clipper-sharpening machine, cleaned lubricated, tension and alignment adjusted.

All clipper blade sharpening are tested and have a full 100% guarantee.

knife sharpening

Wesharpen sharpen knifes for our customers using the ultimate sharpening service based upon a true edge to angle sharpness technology for all your knives.

Knife sharpening is performed using the Proprietary Knife Sharpening System to Wesharpen. This sharpening system guarantees all your knives will be sharpened which takes your knife through many different sharpening and honing process steps. 

All knife sharpening are tested and have a full 100% guarantee.


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